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In order to keep both customers and staff as safe as possible many businesses including Offices, Supermarkets, Building Contractors, and Schools will have to adopt safety protocols to comply with Government directives including hand sanitizer stations, customer and staff temperature monitoring, reduced capacity limits, contactless customer service and payments.

QIS Limited can deliver the latest technology in protection solutions to enhance business operation during COVID-19 epidemic.

Our Solution

Our array of Fever Screening Solutions comprises the latest thermal imaging cameras and can be integrated with your Access Control. Applications include Healthcare, Education, Factories, Airports, Ports, Stations, and other security check entrances for temporary control.


  • Avoid contact with people and reduce manpower cost
  • Automated record abnormal temperature information
  • Results in less than a second, ideal for Fever Screening large groups
  • Detect and enforce mask wearing
  • Check identity of strangers
  • Automated facial record

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Printed Memories is an exciting new initiative, which aims to create positive impact by supporting people with dementia, and their families and friends affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Printed Memories helps people affected by Alzheimer’s and other dementias by turning digital photos into postcards that families and friends can send to someone in their lives affected by these diseases. Helping them stay connected with the people around them

a.      http://www.printed-memories.com/who/

b.      http://www.printed-memories.com/

New Version Empowers Digital Workers to Secure Information, Drive Efficient Document Workflows, and Increase Business Performance

Nuance Power PDF 3 Enhances Worker Productivity Through a Superior User Experience and Unparalleled Document Conversion and Editing Accuracy

New Version Empowers Digital Workers to Secure Information, Drive Efficient Document Workflows, and Increase Business Performance


London, UK. – June 5, 2018 – Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) today announced Power PDF 3, the newest version of the company’s award winning Power PDF software allowing businesses to create, edit, sign and share PDF documents. Power PDF 3 builds on the rich features of previous iterations, delivering benefits in several areas including user experience, conversion accuracy, document compatibility, eSignature support with workflow integration, collaboration and text editing.

“The combination of new features and usability enhancements in Power PDF 3 enables me to do my job faster and more accurately, in turn helping our patients receive better care,” said Brandy Cunningham, Referral Coordinator for Cancer Care Centers of Brevard. “With the new version of Power PDF, I can fully focus on ensuring the paper records accompanying incoming patients are quickly converted to searchable digital PDF files that can be easily found, accessed and used by authorised personnel.”

Power PDF frees organisations from the high cost of dealing with PDF licensing while providing a secure, user-friendly experience that satisfies the individual worker. For workers, it allows them to work more efficiently completing more tasks at a higher quality. Specifically, Power PDF 3 improves organisational performance with key new capabilities and benefits, including:

·        Increased conversion accuracy: Leveraging the latest advancements in Nuance’s document conversion technology, workers immediately benefit from incredibly accurate and searchable PDFs and Microsoft Office documents with layouts stringently maintained. This enables PDF power-users to spend more time doing their jobs by avoiding rework fixing misidentified words or page formatting.

·        Document compatibility: Power PDF 3 now supports the ISO PDF 2.0 standard, ensuring Power PDF documents are compatible with the widest range of existing PDF readers and processors which is critical for driving better business practices.

·        Enhanced productivity: Power PDF 3 features real-time document collaboration, allowing multiple parties on the same network to edit PDF documents without inefficient back-and-forth processes such as email, while also eliminating document merge conflicts. These new features help workers work not only faster, but smarter while collaborating with one another.

·        DocuSign® secure document workflow integration: Today’s workers demand secure, convenient workflows offering the ability to easily sign and certify PDFs. Power PDF 3 features eSignature support from DocuSign®, allowing workers to quickly and conveniently sign and send documents as part of a secure workflow that can be completed directly from the PDF interface.

·        Enhanced user experience: Power PDF 3 improves ease of use with new tabbed document viewing allowing workers to open multiple documents within a single window and display them as tabs; new ribbons that put advanced feature sets front and centre when appropriate; as well as new colour skins, which allows workers to personalise their user experience.

·        Simplified editing: Power PDF 3 offers new methods for intelligently recognising blocks of text that wrap correctly when edited and assembling and organising documents, including the ability to combine open documents into a single PDF with one button. The simplified user interface reduces the need for training and allows even the novice user to get up and running quickly.

Nuance Power PDF was recently named “Outstanding PDF Creation Solution” for 2017 by analysts at Keypoint Intelligence in their annual Buyers Lab Software Pick awards. It was also recognised as a leading PDF editing and redacting solution in the most recent International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) technology survey.

“Nuance is bringing to market our most robust, functional PDF-based creating and editing solution to date,” says Tracey Mustacchio, senior vice president of product & marketing, Nuance Document Imaging. “Today’s release focuses on the individual worker and enabling him or her to not only be more productive by reducing rework with greater PDF document conversion, but also enabling eSignatures integrated into workflows to better transact business. Power PDF 3 adds value across the enterprise and is purpose built to serve the needs of novice and advanced PDF users.”

Pricing and Availability

The complete family of Nuance PDF solutions is available through Nuance’s global network of reseller, retail and e-commerce partners. Nuance Power PDF Advanced 3 is offered for £155.99 with volume discounts available. Power PDF Standard 3 for individuals, home offices and small workgroups is offered for £94.99. For additional information on features, free evaluation software, pricing and volume licensing programs, please click here

About Nuance Communications, Inc.
Nuance Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of voice and language solutions for businesses and consumers around the world.  Its technologies, applications and services make the user experience more compelling by transforming the way people interact with devices and systems. Every day, millions of users and thousands of businesses experience Nuance’s proven applications.  For more information, please visit www.nuance.co.uk

There's a common misconception that user data in SaaS applications is fully backed up. It’s more likely that an employee will delete something they end up needing two weeks later than the possibility of all of Google’s servers being destroyed by a storm. In fact, SaaS applications usually aren’t the responsible party for data loss, but they aren’t built to protect against accidental or malicious actions either. As an advisor to your clients, it’s important to let them know that if data loss is their fault, they’re out of luck in most cases unless they have a backup solution in place.

When asked, ”how can I lose data?” it’s important to educate them on the following:

  1. Accidental Deletion and User Mistakes: More often than not, data is deleted only for the user or organization to later realize that it is actually still needed. A collaborator might accidentally delete a shared project, or you might delete a scrapped project and then later learn it is starting up again. Information can also unknowingly be overwritten or corrupted by users and third-party apps

  2. Overwriting Data: SaaS applications hold large amounts of data that is constantly added to and updated. Overwriting data is a common problem that occurs when large data sets are imported into the application via bulk uploads or when integrated third-party applications are used to manage the data inside the base SaaS application.

  3. Malicious Actions: People often delete data before they quit their role if they suspect they are going to be fired, or to spite a boss or coworker they are angry at. Hackers can also be the culprit, surpassing security systems to delete or corrupt data. Whether internal or external, untrustworthy users are a reality.

To learn more about how you can protect your SaaS data, check out Datto SaaS Protection. Datto SaaS Protection won’t let your critical data slip through the cracks. Engineered to be the leading, one-stop shop for cloud-to-cloud SaaS application backup, SaaS Protection gives you consistently reliable granular backups, quick and easy restores and exports, secured data for compliance and regulatory needs, and world-class 24/7/365 support. Learn more today